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Sara Melis

Sara Melis was born and raised in the south of Sardinia, a fascinating region that boasts some of the Mediterranean's most beautiful water and coastline, and began travelling at a young age, encountering new environments and cultures as she explored and stayed in faraway places. 

In 2015, her curiosity, together with an innate passion for fashion and a sense of style she inherited from her mother, prompted her to take her first steps in the fashion industry. In 2016, she then launched La Revêche, which quickly became a leading brand in the luxury beachwear segment.

A graduate from Milan's Sacro Cuore University in Economics and Business Management, Sara combines an entrepreneurial attitude with a creative vision that allowed her to invent La Revêche's iconic 3D flower applications.

Sara now runs her company in keeping with the tradition of Italian-made craftsmanship, while looking to the future to face and overcome the challenges of a market in constant evolution. 

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